I am completely off work for 2 whole weeks starting today! I’ve been struggling to finish up the IPexpert Volume 1 technology specific labs all week, so that by the time my 2 week break came up, I could start using it to dig into the full scale 8 hour Volume 2 labs.

I did pretty well on my struggle to finish up volume 1, although admittedly I did skip a lab on GRE tunnels, and I sort of rushed through IPv6.

My plan for the next few weeks is to get my ass out of bed by 9:00 AM, get my coffee, and get on my rack! I’ll be starting with Volume 2 lab 1. My lovely wife is not as fortunate as me, and has to go to work, which sucks for her, but that means I will have an entire quiet empty house and NO EXCUSES! I plan on really hitting it hard, and taking full advantage of this opportunity. My goal is to put in between 8 and 16 hours a day on my rack.

P.S. Anybody out there know if the 3550 supports IPv6 ??? I have been unsuccessful trying to find an IOS that will do it for this platform, yet my buddy tells me he has a friend that is doing IPv6 on a 3550. According to internetworkexpert’s difference between 3550/3560 that I stumbled across that is one of the differences

– Joe