So way back in June when I was studying the R/S exam cert guide 3rd edition for the written exam, I found what I thought was an incorrect answer. Feeling more motivated and inspired than usual that day, I actually wrote in to the email address in the book for errata and kind of forgot about it. This morning I received this email from Wendell Odom himself!

Hello Joe,

Wendell Odom here, co-author of the CCIE R/S Written Exam Cert Guide from Cisco Press. You had sent in a note about an error in the book way back in July. My apologies for the delay in responding; the delay was my fault. However, just in case you still care about a response, I wanted to give you my thoughts.

Here’s what you wrote:

I believe the answer to chapter 8, question 8 of the “Do I

know this already” quiz is incorrect.

In the answers appendix the author states “…Because it is passive, no

hellos are sent out fa0/0, meaning no neighbor relationships are formed,

and no routes are exchanged either in or out fa0/0”

However, the correct answer, listed as “C” states “R11 will advertise

subnets and, as well as attempt to send hellos

and updates on the related interfaces”

Why would it attempt to send hellos and updates on if it was

configured as a passive interface as shown in the configuration for the


You are indeed 100% correct. The question is wrong. In short, R11 wil advert about,, and, and only send Hellos on the interfaces connected to subnets 2 and 3. So, the explanation text in the answer appendix is accurate, but the answer C text back in Chapter 8 is wrong.

Again, my apologies for the delay.


Wendell Odom

Sure it’s really no big deal…I mean it is an obvious mistake, but I have to tell you…Wendell Odom contacting me at all, let alone Wendell Odom contacting me to say “you were right” felt pretty damn good! It was like GOD stepped down for a second and said “Hey good job!” haha