It’s official, the CCIE wireless track is here. It looks like the writen exam will be available shortly, and the lab exam will be available in April.

In addition, it seems the voice track has been updated to a “3.0”. Check out the updated blueprint here:


I sent a couple of emails over to sales a few weeks ago asking about when current end-to-end users would see any of the CCIE 2.0 material show up in their account and have not received any response. Last week Monday I talked to a sales rep and they said they were trying as fast as they could to get everyone’s current account updated. I was told they were going to do mine for me in a few minutes since I asked, but that still do not have any of the new material listed under my account.

Anyone out there with an end-to-end program get their updates yet? Just curious how they are looking.

Going to post a status update later tonight as well. It has been a long time I know…


Stan over at IE got in touch with me to fix my access issues. It looks like I did get my access but it was just in the online classroom section, and was not showing under my members section. So my thanks goes out to Stan in helping out with that. Hopefully I can drive in and blog about these very soon.