Well my initial flight took off today on time, what I didn’t know was that one of the front tires blew out on take off. We had to turn around and land back at Buffalo because when the tire blew it loosened the landing gear cover. Landing on one wheel didn’t seem that bad until the second wheel blew and we started to come to a complete stop 🙂 At least we came to a complete stop. The pilot and crew were excellent the whole time. Everything seemed normal….

The bad part was I missed my connecting flight and there was no way to get out until either really late tonight or sometime tomorrow. With everyone scrambling to get flights everywhere, I just decided I was better off rescheduling. I only had until 4:00 pm to cancel my hotel reservation and shuttle service or I was commited to them. If I got into California late tomorrow night Monday would be a complete waste at the camp.

I can’t believe I did all that packing and planning this week for nothing! Everything turned out well though so I can’t really complain, it could of been a lot worse 🙂