Hello CCIE world…

Well, it has been an extremely busy couple of weeks for me. I started a new job, and have been putting in a lot of hours, getting used to the network, learning a lot of processes, new routine, etc.

Meanwhile, I sort of realized really quick I could not be very effective in my home lab with only 2950 switches. I have since ordered and received 2 3550 switches, and somebody at work was kind enough to offer to loan me 2 more.

Additionally, I have ordered a nice 28U rack and mounting brackets for my gear. I am really hoping to hear from the guy at work this week to pick up the 3550 switches that will complete my home lab. Also, I hope my rack will be in this week (ordered it last Friday.)

In other news, I have joined up with a CCIE study group online. It is a small group of 5 pretty dedicated guys, and we are going to meetings twice a week utilizing Skype. Much of the idea behind creating a group was the “accountability partner” aspect. It’s like when you are trying to work out at the gym by yourself…you can easily say hmmmmmmmmmm I’m sooooooooo tired and overworked today, I just can’t put myself through it. But, if you have that gym buddy that you know will be showing up and sweating it out with you, you are more inclined to go. For me, it also helps to know that others are depending on me and it isn’t just all about me.

I really have not been doing much studying lately because of my equipment issue, but hopefully I will have a full home lab running soon. Also I have been doing a lot of configurations at work…seeing everything from distribute-lists to route-maps to eigrp, to rstp, etherchannels, trunks, and just about anything else.

– Joe a