Is it really almost the second week of October? Man I have five months for a lab attempt before my written expires! I must admit after reading about CCIE Pursuit’s lab attempt my morale went straight into the dumper. Anyone that reads his blog knows where he stands on the material. If he didn’t make it on his first attempt after doing everything he has done what chance do I stand at it? Why not just go back and finish my MBA now and cut to the chase πŸ˜€

I haven’t really accomplished much other than the core of IW lab three of workbook II. With my daughter being eight I honestly forgot the amount of work daily that goes into having an infant at home. There is just no time to sit down and lab during the week I am finding out. Maybe an hour or so, but what am I really going to get from an hour of labs? I probably should spend that hour reading more of the Cisco doc material. It is plain to see simply configuring labs all week is not enough. I am wondering if the next four weeks would be better spent rereading my books and doc material before heading out to Narbiks. Maybe only some light labs, then I can always come home and start up the five day Internetwork Expert class on demand bootcamp/labs. I was thinking of attending Internetwork Experts mock lab workshop as well, but I don’t know if I can fit it in time wise or dollars wise at this point. Dollars wise everything is starting to add up. I can always resit Narbik’s camp and just have to pay for travel/hotel/food so it would be cheaper. With the economy in it’s present state I think it is wise to start tightening the budget for this. I could always offer to blog naked at the mock lab workshop, but just because I am a hundred percent comfortable with myself my wife always tells me maybe the rest of the world isn’t πŸ˜‰