I understand competition is heavy for training dollars these days. I understand in today’s economy those dollars are harder and harder to come by. Please though for the love of everything sent in packets, leave the blogs out of it…

So far today I have received:

1. Three flame comments on Internetwork Expert’s annoucement post that were going way overboard.
2. One contact form asking me to please stop being a mouth piece for Internetwork Expert! Seriously? Have you not seen the IPExpert banner that rotates on my site? Have you not noticed my posts that I am going to Narbik’s boot camp? I have no contact with ANYONE over at Internetwork Expert. I have their banner in rotation so what? That makes me some kind of fanboi? I have no affiliation with any vendor. I actually thought my site was pretty much vendor neutral…

It is getting a little out of hand to draw the neutral blogs into this, and honestly it is a little unprofessional. I am not going to approve blantant flame posts so please construct a professional comment on the things you don’t agree with. I really hate not approving a comment, but the LAST thing I want is a World of Warcraft general forums thread developing on the blog here 😉

Well they are not joining the Cisco 360 program and I for one am very happy about that. I will post a link to the specifics of their announcement today once Internetwork Experts posts it, but I for one am excited about the changes that are being made they announced in the webinar today. I will write more about it later on this week since I don’t have all the information. I had a meeting to attend for a little bit of it during the announcement…..

Full link to the recorded session is here

I am very interested to see what gets added to the current self paced end to end program for no cost. As anyone might know that reads my blog here is that I had added to my current end to end program atleast twice 🙂

I was just finishing up my technology specific lab on RIP (IPexpert Volume 1, Lab 8). Step 14 gives the following requirement:

“Routes learned from BB1 that have an odd number in the third octet should be seen with a metric of 10 at R5. The access-list used should contain a single line”

To give you a little backround on the topology, BB1 connects to R1, which connects over ethernet to R2, which connects via frame to R5.


access-list 5 permit
router rip
offset-list 5 in 8 e0/0

show ip protocols (supressed output below)
Incoming routes in Ethernet0/0 will have 8 added to metric if on list 5

Now, the very next step in the lab gives this requirement:

“routes in the range should not be allowed in your network at all. The access-list should contain a single line”


access-list 10 permit
router rip
offset-list 10 in 15 e0/0

show ip protocols (supressed output)
Incoming routes in Ethernet0/0 will have 15 added to metric if on list 10

That’s it! So the moral of the story here is that so far as I can tell you can not apply 2 seperate offset-lists to a single interface in RIP. I suppose to do this task I could just use a distribute-list for the 2nd task.

– Joe

So I am labbing away last night on RIPv2. I come across a task in the IPX Volume 1 workbook to configure 2 routers connected via p2p serial interfaces for triggered updates…OK no problem. I configure the commands, but never see the correct validation under the show command. If anybody can explain to me what the hell is going on here, I would greatly appreciate it! My only thought is it must be some sort of bug…running 12.4 code.

Here is my p2p link on one side for instance:

R2(config-if)#do sh run int s2/0.24
Building configuration…

Current configuration : 231 bytes
interface Serial2/0.24 point-to-point
description Frame Relay Cloud 2
ip address
ip rip triggered
ip rip authentication key-chain R2R4
snmp trap link-status
frame-relay interface-dlci 204

According to the proctor guide, when doing “show ip protocols” you should see “Yes” in the column regarding triggered updates, but alas, nothing!

R2(config-if)#do sh ip proto
Routing Protocol is “rip”
Outgoing update filter list for all interfaces is not set
Incoming update filter list for all interfaces is not set
Serial2/0.25 filtered by 1, default is 1
Incoming routes in Serial2/0.25 will have 4 added to metric if on list 1
Incoming routes in Serial2/0.26 will have 4 added to metric if on list 1
Incoming routes in Serial2/1 will have 4 added to metric if on list 1
Sending updates every 30 seconds, next due in 24 seconds
Invalid after 180 seconds, hold down 0, flushed after 240
Redistributing: rip
Default version control: send version 2, receive version 2
Interface Send Recv Triggered RIP Key-chain
Ethernet0/0 2 2
Serial2/0.24 2 2 R2R4
Serial2/0.25 2 2 R2R5
Serial2/0.26 2 2 R2R6
Serial2/1 2 2
Automatic network summarization is not in effect
Maximum path: 4
Routing for Networks:
Passive Interface(s):
Passive Interface(s):
Routing Information Sources:
Gateway Distance Last Update 120 00:00:02 120 00:00:03 120 00:00:06 120 00:00:19 120 00:00:18
Distance: (default is 120)

BUT ….

I’ve found cisco documentation that states the output of the “show ip rip database” command will be blank unless you have configured triggered updates…

and alas…I can issue that command and see output:

R2(config-if)#do show ip rip database auto-summary
[15] via, 00:00:14, Serial2/1
[1] via, 00:00:13, Ethernet0/0 auto-summary directly connected, Ethernet0/0 directly connected, Serial2/0.24 directly connected, Serial2/1
[1] via, 00:00:19, Serial2/0.24
[1] via, 00:00:19, Serial2/0.24
[1] via, 00:00:14, Serial2/0.26
[2] via, 00:00:14, Serial2/0.26
[2] via, 00:00:14, Serial2/1
[3] via, 00:00:14, Serial2/0.26
[3] via, 00:00:14, Serial2/1
[2] via, 00:00:14, Serial2/0.26 directly connected, Serial2/0.26
[1] via, 00:00:16, Serial2/1
[1] via, 00:00:15, Serial2/0.26
[1] via, 00:00:16, Serial2/1
[1] via, 00:00:15, Serial2/0.26 auto-summary
[15] via, 00:00:16, Serial2/1
[1] via, 00:00:14, Ethernet0/0 auto-summary is possibly down
[1] via, 00:00:14, Ethernet0/0 directly connected, Loopback0
[1] via, 00:00:21, Serial2/0.24
[1] via, 00:00:16, Serial2/1
[1] via, 00:00:15, Serial2/0.26
[2] via, 00:00:17, Serial2/0.26
[2] via, 00:00:17, Serial2/1
[7] via, 00:00:20, Serial2/0.25
[7] via, 00:00:17, Serial2/1
[7] via, 00:00:17, Serial2/0.26
[2] via, 00:00:17, Serial2/0.26

Brian updated his post today which has a very interesting update… Kind of glad I have my full E2E program…

Update: A few people have asked if they should wait to make a purchase until after the announcement. The answer is no. You actually have an advantage if you purchase before the announcement. Example: if you purchase a self-paced E2E today and the self-paced E2E changes next week you are covered by our Investment Protection Program.


You can never have enough resources, sites, blogs, etc… CCIE Pursuit always seems to be in the middle of stuff like this 😉 The pimp of the CCIE Blog sites?

IPexpert has .  You can create your own blog hosted on CCIE Blog, read the blogs already hosted there (including Arden Packeer’s excellent blog), or add the RSS feed for your already-existing blog to the site.

The site is live as well as a new IPexpert Blog.

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It looks like Cisco has linked up with atleast one training partner to start offering official “Cisco” training for the CCIE Routing and Switching lab. The original wording used yesterday in the article stated that third party training companies material was not up to par at times. Which I found ironic since Cisco is teaming up with a third party training company to deliver the course material. Atleast that is the word that is flying around on Groupstudy. The courses start out at $5000 and can get up to $20,000. Which to me seems high when you have Internetwork Expert, Narbik, IP Expert and the others out there that deliver high value material at a fraction of that cost. Cisco’s take on that is they are training you to be an expert, not to just take a test. Either way this makes the CCIE training world a little bit more interesting today to say the least. Also competition is always good for the consumer as well. So in the end we all will probably benefit from this some way.

Cisco is unveiling new learning program for the, saying that third-party boot camps designed to prepare candidates for the exam are not always up to par.

“There was a very diverse level of quality” in the third-party exam preparation programs, said Cisco marketing director Fred Weiller.

CCIE had strictly been an assessment program to test people’s pre-existing knowledge. Now Cisco has decided to create its first-ever authorized CCIE training curriculum to help Cisco pros acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to become an expert. The third-party courses often trained Cisco pros well enough to pass the exam, but not well enough to become true experts, Weiller said.

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Hello CCIE world…

Well, it has been an extremely busy couple of weeks for me. I started a new job, and have been putting in a lot of hours, getting used to the network, learning a lot of processes, new routine, etc.

Meanwhile, I sort of realized really quick I could not be very effective in my home lab with only 2950 switches. I have since ordered and received 2 3550 switches, and somebody at work was kind enough to offer to loan me 2 more.

Additionally, I have ordered a nice 28U rack and mounting brackets for my gear. I am really hoping to hear from the guy at work this week to pick up the 3550 switches that will complete my home lab. Also, I hope my rack will be in this week (ordered it last Friday.)

In other news, I have joined up with a CCIE study group online. It is a small group of 5 pretty dedicated guys, and we are going to meetings twice a week utilizing Skype. Much of the idea behind creating a group was the “accountability partner” aspect. It’s like when you are trying to work out at the gym by yourself…you can easily say hmmmmmmmmmm I’m sooooooooo tired and overworked today, I just can’t put myself through it. But, if you have that gym buddy that you know will be showing up and sweating it out with you, you are more inclined to go. For me, it also helps to know that others are depending on me and it isn’t just all about me.

I really have not been doing much studying lately because of my equipment issue, but hopefully I will have a full home lab running soon. Also I have been doing a lot of configurations at work…seeing everything from distribute-lists to route-maps to eigrp, to rstp, etherchannels, trunks, and just about anything else.

– Joe a

Hey everybody, if you have not heard, Jo Knight from ccielab passed his R/S lab on Monday! Drop on by and give him a congratulations!

– Joe A

Is it really almost the second week of October? Man I have five months for a lab attempt before my written expires! I must admit after reading about CCIE Pursuit’s lab attempt my morale went straight into the dumper. Anyone that reads his blog knows where he stands on the material. If he didn’t make it on his first attempt after doing everything he has done what chance do I stand at it? Why not just go back and finish my MBA now and cut to the chase 😀

I haven’t really accomplished much other than the core of IW lab three of workbook II. With my daughter being eight I honestly forgot the amount of work daily that goes into having an infant at home. There is just no time to sit down and lab during the week I am finding out. Maybe an hour or so, but what am I really going to get from an hour of labs? I probably should spend that hour reading more of the Cisco doc material. It is plain to see simply configuring labs all week is not enough. I am wondering if the next four weeks would be better spent rereading my books and doc material before heading out to Narbiks. Maybe only some light labs, then I can always come home and start up the five day Internetwork Expert class on demand bootcamp/labs. I was thinking of attending Internetwork Experts mock lab workshop as well, but I don’t know if I can fit it in time wise or dollars wise at this point. Dollars wise everything is starting to add up. I can always resit Narbik’s camp and just have to pay for travel/hotel/food so it would be cheaper. With the economy in it’s present state I think it is wise to start tightening the budget for this. I could always offer to blog naked at the mock lab workshop, but just because I am a hundred percent comfortable with myself my wife always tells me maybe the rest of the world isn’t 😉