Well, I finished off day 2 of the IPexpert video bootcamp, which covered IGPs. OSPF, RIPv2, EIGRP … The OSPF configuration video was pretty intense, and over 3 hours long…took me 2 sittings to get through it. The good news is that I felt really good about almost all the material so far. I mean there really has not been anything that I’ve said “Oh my God what the hell is going on here?!” … there have been some things I have had to “rewind” and watch again, or read up a bit on, but for the most part I was feeling pretty confident with the material. One thing that bummed me out is that pretty much the only 2 things in the OSPF section I was having a hard time grasping theory wise were screwed up on the videos :( It is a technical issue, and not limited to just me. Caue is having the same problem, and he has contacted IPexpert about it. For the record, the 2 things that I have not fully grasped are advanced virtual links (like cascading 3 or 4 of them, or extending area 0 via a virutal link, then extending that to another area via a GRE tunnel). The other thing was just as Scott was explaining why if you have 4 equal cost routes in the routing table in OSPF one is preferred over another. Â

Just as he gets into explaining the advanced virtual links involving GRE tunnels, and the route decision when you have 4 equal cost routes in OSPF the video pretty much bombs out…the video feed is OK, but the audio is all garbled for about 10 minutes. It is almost as if something CPU intensive started running on Scott’s PC without him knowing it. Obviously, they didn’t fully go through all the videos before bringing them to market. We are hoping to get slides or something.

So I started day 3 last night. Yep, just as I was feeling all warm and fuzzy and confident about myself so far, WHAM! I get nailed with a nice dosage of humility by a freight train named BGP : ) Yeah….BGP was never my strong point. I mean, I don’t really get a chance to play with it at work on a regular basis, and I pretty much learned what I needed to learn on previous exams. Basic stuff. I actually found myself somewhat lost about 3/4 through the video. I am going to have to go back and view it again when I am more prepared to try and get through it completely.Â

In other news, I just confirmed on Fedex that my “Routing TCP/IP Volume 2” has arrived. So, I am excited to crack it open, and start getting my BGP basics back in place. I know for absolute certain right now, that my BGP abilities are nowehere even remotely close to where they need to be for the CCIE lab. So, that is definitley a challenge.

 – Joe

If you are looking for a good explanation on private vlans Caue has a nice write up on his blog following his watching of the IP Expert video on the subject. It is a nice breakdown and pretty much sums everything up nicely on what you need to know.

Until now, I thought PVLANs were a bit difficult to understand and to implement, like when studying to CCNP that took me a while to digest, and I had some doubts about it, till today! Man… how simple it is, and there´s no much “magic” in that (like our friend Scott Morris usually says)! Pretty straight-forward and no big deals! The Security from is AWESOME. It´s short, informative, to the point, and solved MANY questions I´ve for a while in minutes! Man! What a nice way to do it!

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