It came down to a few recommendations and price. Everyone I talked to recommended Narbik’s class. Everyone had good things to say about it, and said I should enjoy my time over there. I had a couple people recommend Internetwork Expert’s mock lab classes as well.

Now I was actually debating about both classes. I hit a wall on the Internetwork Expert one though when I was advised I could not use my gift certificate credits towards the mock lab class by Scott Morris. I was kind of confused by this. I currently have $800 in my gift certificate balace over at Internetwork Expert. Now it may have become a no brainer if I could of used that $800 towards the class. Again I was advised that since the mock lab classes were so heavily discounted already that I wouldn’t be able to. What hurts even more is I have upgraded my end-to-end program twice already in less than a year. No big deal, I will just use half of my credits for mock labs. It just would have been nice to save a little more money since I have heavily invested in Internetwork Expert’s material already :).

I guess I should sit down and work out a schedule the best that I can to go over Narbik’s Soup-to-Nuts workbook so I am up to speed for his class material. I have gone through Internetwork Expert COD’s twice now, and maybe will go through it again as well as beta workbook I. I will finish the workbook III lab I have started and start to work back to the workbook II labs. Hopefully I can get a schedule down in a week or two when the baby works out his!


Josh over at Internetwork Expert and I just spoke and he wanted to clear up the confusion on what happened. I would of been able to use my credits, but somehow they were showing up as converted tokens to the sales agent. It is just a little tough because I would of loved to book the Mock Lab workshop using all the credits I had.

Everything is booked except my flight plans for Narbik’s so that is good to go. I was actually just thinking of taking them both, but adding in another $1200 on top of what I just spent for Narbik’s would be over the top financially. Plus the wife would start to calculate her return on investment… Opportunity missed, but what can I do?

I also don’t want to sound as if Narbik’s class was my second choice. Both classes come highly recommended, price though would have been the tie breaker so to speak. I just want to pass and move on to the next CCIE choice, but I have to be financially responsible at this point with what I have spent already on material. Having a newborn at home enforces that point 🙂