Hello to everybody out there in the wonderful world of CCIE blogging. Well, I thought I would take a little time to tell you a bit about myself before going off into technical ramblings.

Well, where do I begin? I’m a 26 year old network engineer residing in the metro Detroit area. Currently I’m working as a senior level network engineer for an international auto parts manufacturer. I am a CCNP/CCDP with a real passion to learn and my eye on the big prize — CCIE r/s. In other personal news, I am recently married (hmmmmm….getting married and immediately pursuing the CCIE 🙂 ) to the girl of my dreams. She knows how important this is to me, and I’ve already explained to her the amount of time and dedication it takes to achieve this.

I’ve always had a real passion for networking, and knew a long time ago that to be a real network guru would mean starting to study Cisco. Even back 5 years ago I knew that Cisco certifications and expertise carried not only a decent paycheck, but a great deal of respect. The real deal. At the time I was finishing up college and working tech support at a call center. Thats when I decided to jump in and go for my CCNA. I originally got my CCNA back in 2003 and never looked back. After that, I jumped into the real world field as a network analyst to get my start. Shortly thereafter, I took on a much higher role for a different company, and pursued my CCNP. I finished up my CCNP at the end of 2006. Eventually, the company I was working for decided they wanted me to do all the higher level configuration work, but wanted to pay me as a CCNA, so I moved on to where I am now. I busted out the CCDA earlier this year, and followed up with the CCDP by passing 642-873 about 2 months ago. As Carl pointed out I just past my 350-001 a few weekends ago. I studied the Cisco Press Exam Cert Guide 3rd Edition and purchased the Netmaster written questions. I studied pretty hardcore for about 6 weeks and then took the exam, passing on my first try.

Mostly everything I know and have gone through has been from self-study and experience. From the beginning I have always been a fan of sitting down with a good cup of coffee and busting through a Cisco Press book. I am the type of guy that if I don’t understand something in this field it drives me nuts until I figure it out. I think it is because I genuinely take pride in this stuff. If there is something I don’t know, I want to learn it and kind of take it on as a personal challenge. This tends to be good and bad in different ways hehe.

When I first got into this stuff I knew that I wanted to be a CCIE one day. Finally, I think the time is here to jump in the water. I had no idea where to even begin the journey, so I got on the internet and started poking around. Thats when I found Carl’s blog, and some of the others. “Wow” I thought, there ARE others out there just like me, cool! I have to say, I really found it very encouraging that there is a community of people out there all working towards the same goals.

So, I just received my IP Expert BLS on Monday. After abusing work resources to print 2500+ pages of workbooks on the color laser printer yesterday and binding them up in nice 3 ring binders, I was ready to dive into the material!

My goal for this blog is to jump in and be part of this great community. To share my experiences with all you guys. I will be going through the VODs and taking some notes on them. My goal is to post my thoughts, notes, questions etc as I go through the VODs for now.

I’ve assembled a basement full of equipment, but nothing worthy of a full CCIE level lab yet. Mostly, I have a bunch of old 2500’s, some 2610s but only with WIC-2Ts, some 3640’s, and 4 2950 switches. Mainly, I really need some WIC-1Ts, a ton of DTE/DCE serial cables, and at some point I hope some 3550s.

Well…I guess thats all I have to say for now. Stay tuned for my first technical related post which will be in regards to Frame Relay!