I have almost made it through day 8 of the internetwork expert cod. This weekend was a total wash study wise though. Friday night we worked till around 2:00am doing a SQL server migration, which meant I slept most of Saturday away after being woken up a few times for work related things dealing with the migration.

On Friday my wife had her weekly doctor’s apointment and they advised her that if the baby doesn’t come by August 5th, they will induce labor. This is kind of my fault lol. Since I am 6’4 I guess the baby decided he would be best served to start growing like his dad. The doctor scheduled a growth sonogram for this coming Wednesday. Maybe they will decide they should just induce my wife this week based on his size ;).

I also did received my full Blended Learning Solution from IP Expert. Thanks goes out to Mike Down over at IP Expert. I will have to start going through that material as well. I am kind of stuck in neutral right now though waiting on the wife :).

One thing still on the table my wife really wants me to look into is taking a five day bootcamp. I am still uncommited to this. The cost alone is high. The cost to travel right now is insane, with fuel costs the way they are as well. The full benefit to cost ratio still doesn’t seem to add up to me. Plus with all the material I have on cod the current cost of everything just doesn’t seem to make sense.

Hopefully this week I can get a few more posts up, along with a technology post I am currently studying as well. Better yet maybe there will be a mini me in the house this week I can start to corrupt, err teach about all the worldy things to teach him. How about we start at Disney World…