Internetwork Expert has opened a new forum/community that replaces their current forums. You can never get enough online community options.

In order to provide the best possible service to our customers, and to the CCIE community as a whole, we have implemented a new combination web forum / mailing list server as a free service. Internetwork Expert’s Online Community ( officially replaces our previous Discussion Forum as a place where you can discuss both general CCIE topics for all tracks as well as Internetwork Expert specific products.

IEOC allows you to create new posts and reply to other posts like a normal web forum, but you can also read and submit posts via email! For example if you email your message will be sent our to all users subscribed to the email feed, plus posted on the web forum as viewable and searchable content. Personally this is my favorite feature of the new server, as I dread checking web forums daily, but I am completely obsessed with checking my email every five minutes.

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Completed items

  • Day 6 of the cod
  • Some Multicast labs

Goals for the rest of this week

  • Day 7 of the cod
  • Sleep 🙂

Well my wife officially hits 9 months of being pregnant this Sunday. That means the pressure is on now for sure. The baby’s room is pretty much done with the exception of having to put his crib together this weekend. So I am not sure what is in the cards for finishing my goals for this week. Atleast we got all his 0-3 month clothes washed so he has something to wear when coming home :). All the bags are packed and everything is ready to go for the hospital, now I guess we are on his time… Where do you even start out with a son? All I am used to is Disney Princesses 🙁

My lab date is all set and ready to go as well. I am keeping that day a secret though until I see how studying goes for the first few weeks with a newborn in the house. I would like to move it up a bit if that becomes possible. I would like to show up in CCIE Pursuit’s lab, but he is taking it in San Jose.