I happened across CCIE Pursuit’s post today and was shocked at what I read. You can read his whole post here. Sometimes I sit and wonder if all this time I take away from my family really worth it? Today I skipped a picnic at my wife’s mom’s house. There are alot of times I skip little things with the family and so forth. It just got me thinking about everything. I will crawl ahead, but I am starting to think I will skip less time with everyone…

I wish the best for his wife and children in their time ahead.

I missed this post last week, but caught it from my igoogle home page. It is a interesting read.There is a good point made asking can you really test someone’s design ability on with a computer based test?

At the beginning of this year, Cisco launched the written test for its Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE) program, which lets IT pros demonstrate expertise in network infrastructure design principles and fundamental concepts.

The missing piece – until now – was the practical exam. How would Cisco create a test to objectively measure network design, which some would argue is far from being an exact science?

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