I always lose my bookmark for this command and have to search around for it so thought I would toss it up on the blog.

If you want to upgrade your switch IOS and use the http device manager and don’t already use it you need to upgrade your current version from the command line using:

archive download-sw tftp://tftp_server_ip/image_file_name

There are two options you can use:

/leave-old-sw leaves the current version there incase you need to downgrade or have issues

/overwrite to overwrite your current verison

If you are upgrading from a normal .bin image you will have to erase that image file from flash or you will not have enough space.

Once you have the device manager running you can always upgrade it right through the site itself.

Completed tasks

  • Day 5 of the internetwork expert cod
  • Some multicast volume 1 labs

Goals for this week

  • Complete day 6 of the internetwork expert cod
  • Start taking a look at the RIP volume 1 beta labs

Well it was a quiet week for studying. I did get through day 5 and onto day 6 this week. I am hoping with the holiday weekend coming up I can finish all of day 6 and get into day 7, but I am not counting on it.

My wife will hit 37 weeks next week or so. In all honestly I could get the call at anytime that her water broke. She has been packing her bag and prepping everything for the hospital. I tried to sneak in a few Cisco press books in my food bag she packed, but once those were found they just became flying projectiles through the house. I don’t think she is going to let me bring my laptop to lab on Dynamips the whole time either.

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