Well I got through most of day 4 of the cod. I am about halfway through the multicast. I swear while going through BGP day 3 or 4 I heard Brian McGahan try to silence a burp while talking… It could of just been my noise cancelling headphones as well I guess.

I took some time off Sunday to start getting the nursery in order. That meant pulling out the spare bed in there that I was sleeping on since the wife kicked me out of “our” bed… Best advice I can ever offer anyone “always let your pregnant wife win!” It will protect your physical being in the long run.

Hopefully I can finish off the multicast section and move through day 5 this week. The wife is about 3 1/2 weeks away from her 37th week. Anytime after the 37th week is fair game for labor :). That means I really need to get moving on the rest of the rooms. It would be really helpful if the wife would just pick a CRIB out already!!!!!!! Please? Oh how about picking out his dresser as well sweetie? Hello? Anyone there?