Well I have to admit with the daughter being 8 years old I have mostly forgotten what it is like to have a baby around lol. That all came crashing back last night when I had to sit for three hours and listen to what life is going to be like all over again for the first three months. My lab is scheduled for October 20th, with Jacob coming in August there is really no chance of that happening is there? Well not atleast without the wife trying to kill me numerous times. Why do women get away with everything once hormones are involved and to blame :D?

So as I sat there last night in bed I could only think of my options:

1. I have to take the lab by the end of February or I have to retake the written. Should I just accept it and retake the written now since it is still kind of quiet at home?

2. Take the lab at the beginning of next year. Now the big problem is I live in Western NY and lets face it two years ago we had a crippling freak snow storm the second week in October. So I guess I need to find out for sure what happens on the day I need to leave for the lab and bam we get hit with a foot of snow! Do acts of God count towards a reschedule? If not I really don’t think I can take that chance.

The other issue is with Cisco and the rumored lab changes being announced this August. Which honestly is not really a big deal, you know the core is really not going to change. Would they take RIP off ? If so what could they add to the core technologies? I could only guess as to more IPv6 stuff. Which would make me a sad panada :D.

I hope the son forgives me when he grows up and learns I read him Routing TCP/IP volume 1 and 2 instead of “Pat the Bunny” or “The Rainbow Fish”…