Completed Items

  • Internetwork Expert cod day3 (well almost)
  • Finished the OSPFv2 chapter in Routing TCP/IP
  • I am not weighing myself after my weekend lol 🙂

Goals for last week

  • Get through Day 3 of the cod
  • OSPF Chapter of Jeff Doyle’s Routing TCP/Volume I
  • Work through the core sections of the workbook I labs
  • Drop 2 pounds?

I still have a little of Route Redistribution yet to finish in the COD. I will follow that up with reading the chapter in Routing TCP/IP as well. The past weekend was a little tough, I had a friends birthday feast Saturday night and yesterday was my one year wedding aniversary so I really didn’t get much done. The wife is only so forgiving, if I told her I had to study yesterday and we could not do anything I would of been stabbed. Oh well :). We also have some baby basic classes to go to this week(not my idea) so I am not making out a set schedule because I know it is going to be hard to follow this week.