Jeremy has an excellent site I found today while reading a post on Cisco’s Subnet over on Network World. Packetlife is full of great matrerial for anyone trying to grasp the core topics for their CCIE or routing in general. Excellent PDF’s and posts on core material so far. Very education to say the least. If you want to know more check out his site. I know I always have to go back and review topics for the simple fact is at 33 years old my memory pretty much sucks now :(.


Anything QOS is always a good read. A good wiki post off his site.

“This article applies primarily to Cisco IOS-based routers with non-distributed architecture (for example, the ISR series). Switches running Cisco IOS and high-end routers (from ASR to GSR) have dedicated hardware-implemented or hardware-assisted queuing structures. While the general principles still apply to those platforms, the implementations differ significantly from the simple model described here.”

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