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“Cisco has scrapped plans to pilot its long-awaited Cisco Certified Design Expert practical exam at Networkers in June and will instead jump straight into offering the practical lab test to the public, untested, later this year, reports Cisco Subnet blogger Michael Morris. Michael had been originally invited to take part in the June beta. Michael writes: “I spoke with a CCDE team member and he indicated they are still on track to deliver the practical exam in the fall. The need for a beta test, like the one they conducted for the written exam, was unnecessary based on their analysis of the practical format and their internal progress on the test. Still, it seems awkward that the new, expert level design certification will be released to the public without a test run. Sort of like running your core routers on 12.5(99)T code.”

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A quick little interesting article, but a big change none the less.

“If you’ve ever had to configure OSPF on a Cisco router, you’re well familiar with the venerable network statement, which effectively assigns interfaces into OSPF areas based on their IP addresses. Although our life became simpler when the network statements stopped being order-dependent (the order dependency allowed for a few nasty surprises in the troubleshooting part of the CCIE lab … when the CCIE title still implied you had to be able to fix other people’s mistakes :), it was still an awkward way of configuring what belongs where…”

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