After getting completely drilled on the redistribution portion I finally made it through the lab. I did hit the answer book a lot though after BGP :(. Oh well it is the first full lab I have completed in a while so I will take it as a win. I have the lab breakdown class on demand material from Internetwork Expert as well. I am hoping to complete that by this weekend while taking notes during it.

I do get to see HSRP in action this weekend when our main provider knocks out my multiple bonded T1’s at one of my facilities for maintenance. If our provider still has their end up our multipoint link will still show up/up and never let the backup router take over. So I may have some babysitting to do at midnight on Saturday. If the link doesn’t go down completely I will just have to change administrative distance of the route to our corporate office so the main router just routes the traffic over to the backup network till the morning.