“encaps failed on broadcast for link 38” =’s No IP Routing I come to find out.

IP Routing was shut off on R1 which killed me lol. I couldn’t find anything on this error when setting up the frame-relay connection between R1 and R2 Friday night. The worst part is I thought it was a hardware issue on my test lab at work so I waited until today to try to fix it. I even was doing frame relay switching debugs on the frame relay switch trying to find out what was going on. My question is how did IE shut off ip routing in the config? I don’t see it anywhere in there. Oh well big lesson learned there and moving on now through the rest of the lab.


I found the “no ip routing” command. It was sitting under the “line aux” configuration. Sneaky…

HA! I haven’t really moved an inch since my last status update. Work is always playing havoc on my plans. This weekend while we have our main clinical application down for maintenance I will be cleaning out a main closet in one of our facilties that is a wreck. I have two 48 port switches going in hopefully to help condense it down and get it in prime shape.

I am only at the beginning of workbook two lab seven. I am right at the private vlan portion and that is where I have been for over a week now. I came to terms last week that there was no chance in the world I was going to take the lab on July 14th so I cancelled my date and cancelled my Internetwork Expert mock lab for next week as well. I am not even close enough for a mock lab. Honestly at times I feel like going back and reading my BSCI book from my CCNP days.

Right now my lab was rescheduled for November 17th. A few reasons I moved it that far ahead. First reason is I get my vacation time again in September. Second, the baby is driving the house projects list even longer as we speak. You would think since all the grandparents have already crowned him the next “savior” I would get a break! He will be the first grandchild for my wife’s family and second for my parents, but the only boy for both sides. This kid has it so made already and he still has four months to figure out how to say hi to everyone. He already has more clothes than me…

I am honestly at a mental roadblock with everything. You sit and read everything they are saying about the economy and start to think “Is this the path I should be taking?” Then I start to think, well if the economy is getting hit hard no matter what field you are in you might still be affected so at least be in a field that always needs help. My biggest problem is I get a few good solid days of labs in and then I am busy with work and real life that I am away from it for days and lose all my momentum.

I was still considering a five day bootcamp thirty days out of my lab date which is why I put it off until November as well, since I am saving the vacation time I have left for when my wife gives birth. Someone asked me the other day what I would do if he came out a girl! I answered that first I would make sure she was healthy and then start to cry uncontrollably for hours upon hours upon hours… I can’t even think of that at this point lol. Internetwork Network is done with five day camps for the rest of this year. I am still looking at Narbik’s camp as well. I emailed him a few months ago to talk about his camp and my time with the internetwork expert material. I was almost set to book his camp then, but got cold feet. I am thinking of taking his class in October and then hitting the lab if I am ready. I am not sure if I will be bored to tears by then though if I am doing labs and reading from now until November… I honestly have no idea what to do lol. Maybe I will get some time Sunday to finish lab seven and get some momentum back after that.

BGP reading is always good!

“Sometimes I find the information on the Internet that is so far from the facts that it might actually hurt someone. For example, the configuration in this post supposedly prevents you from becoming a transit AS (which is a really bad idea if you’re a multi-homed end-user). Actually, it achieves the goal as it drops all incoming routes due to a malformed AS-path access-list that denies everything 🙂 … but then, why do you need BGP in the first place?

Fortunately, someone provided correct configuration in the comments to the post, just made in unnecessarily complex with the introduction of a route-map.

It really pays off to study all the available BGP filtering mechanisms: AS-path access-list can be applied to updates directly with the neighbor filter-list command. The minimum configuration that guarantees you won’t become a transit AS is thus as follows:”

Full article here

After getting completely drilled on the redistribution portion I finally made it through the lab. I did hit the answer book a lot though after BGP :(. Oh well it is the first full lab I have completed in a while so I will take it as a win. I have the lab breakdown class on demand material from Internetwork Expert as well. I am hoping to complete that by this weekend while taking notes during it.

I do get to see HSRP in action this weekend when our main provider knocks out my multiple bonded T1’s at one of my facilities for maintenance. If our provider still has their end up our multipoint link will still show up/up and never let the backup router take over. So I may have some babysitting to do at midnight on Saturday. If the link doesn’t go down completely I will just have to change administrative distance of the route to our corporate office so the main router just routes the traffic over to the backup network till the morning.

HAHAHAHAHAHA is all I am going to say here… 🙁

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