Well I finished the BGP Advanced workbook last week. We have been fighting a virus outbreak at work that has taken down at least one 2k server which has me really spent this week. Our Symantec Corporate edition is not cutting it. It can’t even stop a three year old virus. It is flat out garbage. Our license is coming up for renewal at a cost of $16k for one year. I really don’t see me renewing that one. Not when AVG network edition has been catching the virus before it can even infect and cost only $5k for two years… I can’t believe Symantec charges so much for a product that is so inferior. Maybe they think admins will just continue the status quo and keep on paying them. Either way I have not wanted to touch a keyboard really at all this weekend.

Back to topic, I plan on starting volume 4 tomorrow and work through that for the week. I am hoping to have that and volume 5 completed in three weeks. My first mock lab is April 19th and not sure if I will make it, but we will see.

Also I have been contemplating my lab date of July 14th. Originally it was scheduled ahead of my wife giving birth but with things needing to be done before hand I am not sure if I will be able to dedicate all my time right up to lab day. I am thinking maybe October since in September I will get all my vacation time back and can set some time away maybe to dedicate a month before the lab to make sure I am ready.