We only had about four inches of snow today, but the blizzard portion of the storm is barreling toward us here. We should have the full blown blizzard conditions late tomorrow afternoon until early Sunday am. Say what you want about Buffalo’s weather, but I will gladly take these snow storms over other weather systems that hit the other parts of the country. The worst thing that happens tomorrow is we sit in the house for thirty-six straight hours. I guess this is why August is the most popular birth month around here. What else is there to do during a snow storm that keeps you in the house for a few days ;).

Blindhog has a good tutorial video up on his site on GRE/IPSec VPN’s. Give it a quick look, his tutorials are always good.

“I first discovered GRE with IPSec about 4 years ago when a customer needed to transmit IPX and multicast traffic over his VPN. Since then, I have primarly used GRE/IPSEC tunnels for transmitting internal routing protocols over the internet. RIP, EIGRP or OSPF can be used over a GRE tunnel just as though it were a point to point circuit. It is also very useful for multicast music on hold…”

Full article here

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” – Confucius

I got through the whole second lab book over the week except one section on PBR, which I finished today quickly during lunch. I was going to whip through the BGP technology section tonight but I just don’t have it in me right now. I am just a little drained and weary. My mind is a little bit like mush.

I have been thinking about my July 14th lab date. I am starting to wonder, with the wife due on August 12th, if it would be wise to have my lab within that month range. We all know Murphy’s law! Plus I was two months premature. Plus if I were to push my lab to the end of August or middle of September I would have vacation time again to really prep for the lab. I guess a lot will depend on my first mock lab on April 19th. I know if I am starting to get comfortable with the core material and wait even longer I will start to grow bored. At the same time though do you ever really get comfortable with anything on the lab? I have been wondering about picking up the Internetwork Experts five day boot camp COD. I am just wondering how much does it really help if you are doing it from a recorded session. If anyone has any insight on this please give me a shout.

Also, I did not steal Arden’s material today lol. It just happened with my link back to his post, so I emailed him about it. Turns out he has an automatic utility to do that for him since he had someone stealing his material for blog hits. I’ll make sure to use any images that are linked off of my site going forward anyhow. Which I should of done to start with.

I would like to get through the BGP section this week and finish up the other sections and head back to the Advance Technologies COD for my second round of that at least two weeks before my first mock lab.

This article is in multiple parts and it is an excellent read. If you are having any issues with OSPF over frame relay or just want to get a quick review in this is a must read. Arden even has configurations up on the articles that you can work through. OSPF can drive you mad on frame relay. This can help. I know at one point last year I grew tired of OSPF on our backup frame relay network and migrated over to EIGRP!

“Knowing the OSPF Network Types and how they work with different frame relay topologies is one of those things that you should know inside out if you are attempting the CCIE lab. In this next series of articles we will be looking at the 5 OSPF network as well as how and when to use them in conjunction with a frame relay hub and spoke topology…”

Full article here

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