A vendor of ours took me out to lunch last week to just catch up on what we were working on as far as projects. One question came up during lunch that gave me reason to pause. He asked me, “What are your plans after getting your CCIE?” I honestly could not answer him. It has never crossed my mind. I haven’t even visualized passing the lab in my head one bit. Maybe I should start thinking positive huh? Then I started thinking about some of the things I would like to do, such as finally taking up a martial art permanently. How sad is it that the CCIE lab preps become a life struggle that seems to make you contemplate life choices after it! The studying has consumed so much of my time it seems the world is just going on without me. My wife is already four months pregnant and it is almost Spring. Someone please hit the pause button for a few months!

What are my plans after passing the lab? How about a few weeks of binge drinking for starters?

So I have picked up a different set of workbooks from a friend who recently completed his CCIE. I wanted to look them over and just read through them and go through them as much as I could on some topics I felt very weak on. I didn’t want to rewire my dynamips lab here at home or at my development lab at work. So I remembered reading CCIE Pursuit’s CCOnlinelabs price reduction post and thought I would give them a quick try. I was able to secure my lab from 9:00 am this morning till 8:30 pm. The price was excellent, and the connection to the online racks was great as well. I even had a little trouble exiting out of the sessions on the terminal server, which Tony even tested out on his end for me (turned out I had a dog ctrl key on my USB keyboard.) So for the excellent price, customer service, and the equipment itself, I was very pleased.

Any time going forward when I want to jump on some different lab setups I will be using these guys.