I am very interested on what Ethan Banks blogs about when he returns from his boot camp with Narbik next week. I started thinking about boot camps a few weeks ago and I’m seriously considering it. Since I have the Internetwork Expert End to End R&S self paced program, I have an option of purchasing the five day live boot camp for $1995. I am wondering if it would be best to stick with Internetwork Expert for all my training since that is what I have grown accustomed to. Also, right now Narbik’s boot camps are running $2000 as well. Not sure how long he will keep his prices at that mark. I was thinking maybe another voice would help as well. I do have some of his workbooks here, but have not gone over them.

Another thing to consider is the money. Is spending another $2000 wise with a baby on the way? I have the money for the boot camp, but a big thing to consider is the air fare and the hotel stay along with anything else. I could see this becoming a $3000 to $3500 trip quickly.

I need to figure this one out soon since the boot camps seem to fill up fairly quickly months ahead of time. I would like to have this off my “to do” list so I can concentrate more on the workbooks. Since my lab is scheduled for July 14th I was hoping to catch a lab the at the end of June early July. The week of July 7th would be excellent, but I have not seen anything scheduled for Internetwork Expert pass June yet. I’m wondering if a boot camp in mid June is ideal if lab is still a month away.


Considering the relative complexity of Border Gateway Protocol(BGP), it’s not surprising that you would consider various design aspects before rushing head-on into implementing it in your network. If nothing else, with a good design and careful planning you could save yourself a few tense troubleshooting sessions.

Use a public autonomous system number

BGP uses autonomous system (AS) numbers to track networks through which the traffic would have to pass to reach the final destination. AS numbers visible in the public Internet have to be globally unique and are allocated by various Internet registries. If you want to offer public Internet services, having a public AS number is mandatory. If you are in hurry and just need BGP to offer other IP-based services (for example, Layer 3 VPN services based on MPLS VPN), you could use a private AS numbers specified in RFC 1930 (AS 64512 through AS 65535), but then you might be faced with challenging migration scenarios if you’d ever want to offer public Internet services.

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