Well I got through half of the first lab this weekend. I ran into a cabling issue Saturday morning that took me a little bit to figure out. The tough part of using Dynamips bridged out to real switches is troubleshooting hardware and software issues. Turned out to be a mix up of the usb ethernet controller on the mac mini and my dynamips internetwork expert file. This mix up was causing R4 and R5 not to be able to talk between Vlan 45. My first attempt at lab one was stopped by this same problem. The issue was the same, but I was so far into the lab that it was hard to find where the issue was. This time I made sure to test out all connectivity after each section and caught this early. It did encourage me that the problem was not something I configured incorrectly a few weeks ago.

The second issue I had was forming the bgp peer session with switch four and BB2. A simple password was needed for the session, neighbor remote-as 254 password CISCO. For some reason though, the peer session would not come up between the two. So I turned on debug and saw the authentication error. I checked the solution guide and I had it exactly right. I decided to console onto BB2 and saw the peer group configuration on there. The password still wouldn’t go through though. I tossed on the bgp peering configuration manually to switch four and everything came up. I’m wondering if I have an old BB2 configuration on my hands. I will have to make sure I get the latest configurations tomorrow before continuing on.

Lesson learned: Always check connectivity after each section, especially in practice labs.

I stopped at that point tonight and will continue on tomorrow.