Scott Vermillion from the groupstudy boards and the guy that helped me through countless emails on setting up my mac/dynamips to real switches passed his CCIE yesterday. Congrats man and job well done!

Scott CCIE#19953

If you are preparing for the lab I would suggest going over this free v-seminar even if you are not using their material. It is very good and helps take out the clutter of where to start, what to read, and what hardware to use. One of the biggest issues I always have is seeing posts telling people they need to start by reading all the cisco press books cover to cover before they even start lab practice. No one is ever going to remember what they read in EIGRP of Doyle’s volume I before they even start Volume II. They even go over what books to read and so forth.

“This seminar explores the principles of taking and passing the CCIE Lab Exam. Using a structured logical approach our instructors will show you how to plan your attack, verify your work, troubleshoot your configurations, and track your progress as you build the network toward your 80 point goal. This seminar also includes hands-on examples as the instructors walk you step-by-step through a practice lab scenario as if it was the actual CCIE Lab Exam.”

Link to V-Seminar