When you work with a remote rack by using an access-server (e.g. 25xx) with the async lines connected to the console ports of the pod’s routers, you effectively have only one terminal window opened. Using ctrl-Shift-6-x you can quickly switch between terminal lines; however, if you need to monitor “debug” command output on one terminal line, while performing some activity on the other you may face some difficulties.

For example, when you enable debug crypto isakmp on one router, and then switch to the other router, to generate packets with ping command, you may lose some of the debugging output, while switching back to the original router. Two obvious ways to resolve this issue exist: first one – open multiple terminal windows; next one – use logging buffered command to collect the debug logs into logging buffer. The third, not so well-known way to cope with the issue, is to use service telnet-zeroidle command on the access server.

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