Well I am I upgrading my 3550 switches at the moment to get a good image on them. The image I had on them must of been corrupt orginally. Right now I am on the EIGRP section of the lab.

It was a SLOW go this afternoon. So many things I forgot, so many times I was totally discouraged. So many time I was thinking “How am I going to pull this off?”. I accidentally closed out my dynamips without saving my configs, so I had to start the lab over. After I left the house for an hour and came back to start over it took me a lot less time to get everything configured. More importantly though I started to understand everything I was doing the second time. Not sure how many times I read the OSPF network types and couldn’t get it to sink in until I did it twice again this morning. I guess the biggest thing I took away from this was that hands on with these labs helps make everything so much clearer. I still have a ton of work ahead of me though.