I guess even Leopard and it’s BSD base foundation needs to be rebooted after a few weeks of running Dynamips. I had trouble with R5 and R6 seeing the bridged out connections to the 3550’s. I sat there troubleshooting the physical connections and the network settings in Leopard. I removed the usb cables and added them back and the whole system locked up. I feel pretty good that I actually got Leopard to crash :). I should probably shut down the Dynamips session when I am done with that lab instead of leaving it to run for three weeks nonstop. Once I got the system back up all the bridged out connections were running correctly again.

Also for those that do not know, you can save your running configs as well in Dynamips. First you need to do a “copy run start” on all the routers and then in the Dynamips console do a save /r1 r2 r3 etc… This will save the configs so next time you start your net file up it will ask you if you want to load the save configurations you have. I have separate configurations lines in my .net file that I comment out depending on which labs I am doing.

That I find Multicast and QOS extremely boring and want to hurt little animals after going over them? I will admit some of this stuff I find very hard to read and concentrate on.

I did finish up my BGP labs and I’m working on the Mulitcast ones right now. I had a few issues with the lab yesterday as well so that limited my time going through them.