I have been going over the Internetwork Experts workbook I BGP labs. Needless to say I need to go back as well and read some more on BGP. I read Jeff Doyle’s Volume I book, but never bought the second volume. I relied on Internetwork Experts class on demand material for BGP and a lot of the other material altogether. Their classes were excellent, but I still feel incomplete while going over the labs. Their BGP workbook lacks explanations to the labs so you need to read them and try to figure out in your head why things were done the way they were. Since I didn’t know why I decided it was best to grab Jeff Doyle’s volume II and get to reading his chapters as well.

I still have yet to get to the Multicast and QOS labs, but I am going back to read them as well. Maybe it is me and my rebellious side towards classroom environments! I am honestly tired of the lectures about the material and need to break off into my old study habits. I can easily break through the labs, but what is the use if you are not getting the full understanding of why you are doing it ? I just need to go back and do some classic reading so to speak. The IOS Cookbook is great as well, but it is brief and to the point. Doyle’s volume II will arrive tomorrow for the pickings.

On a side note my wife is finding it amusing to tease me with her ever growing chest from the pregnancy which is causing all sorts of havoc with my studies I will say. I need to start putting locks on all the doors!

Also make sure you are checking out the other CCIE Blogs. There is a ton of great information on the topics for the lab in those blogs. I have been going through them and looking for their BGP sections to read over to see what they are experiencing and working on as well. It is a great help. These guys do a tremendous job of posting great information!