Well this week I don’t plan on getting much done. The wife and I leave for Disney World this Thursday night until Monday night. I won’t get much studying in over the weekend. Although I am sure I could use the five day break at this point. I will get in some QOS and more Multicast though before we leave.

The wife also confirmed that she is pregnant yesterday so this is making this journey very interesting now. The due date should be around August 12th. Anyone that has children knows how almost impossible it will be to study after they arrive home. Plus who would want to study anyways? I have so much to corrupt, err I mean teach him or her when they arrive right ? I re-scheduled my lab exam for July 14th, 2008. It seemed like the best week to take the eight hour trip down to NC.

After I return home from Disney I will be finishing up any QOS and some Advanced IP Routing and then off to finish my lab workbook I. Hopefully by then I will be ready to get into workbook II. I also need to replace our core switch at work with a gigabit 3560 when I get back so that will draw time away on me next week.