You guys should check out Doug Kenline’s site listed under my Blogroll named “Layer 1 Transport”. He blogs on a lot of topics and has all different sorts of topics flying around. It is very entertaining and informative. I think I have even seen some posts within the last few weeks with his work notes in them. My site would probably get shut down if I put my work notes online here! Anyways it is a good site to check out along with my other CCIE blog links. All I would like to know is when is the Cisco Certification Fantasy League draft and who is the census number one pick ?

I only got through the first section named Ethernet Switching tonight. Internetwork’s classroom server was offline for a while when I got home and tried connecting so I lost some time. I did get four solid pages of notes though that lead to some insight here on my own switches.

My four switches are connected as per IE’s layer 1 configuration. Now the three links that connect SW1 and SW2 on the two 3560’s were coming up weird on SW1. Interface fa 0/13 was showing green on both switches, but fa0/14-15 was showing orange on SW1.Once Trunking come up in the COD tonight it reminded me that 3560’s run Dynamic Auto by default. So I set Dynamic Desirable on links Fa 0/13-15 on SW2 and both orange led’s on SW1 went green again. Ok I thought that makes sense, but what doesn’t make sense is why was fa 0/13 green on SW1 if both sides were set to auto as well ? It is the little things that drive me…

Well I took a little over a week off since passing the written to finish some stuff up around the house like our roof! Some break I had! Well tonight I am hoping to get started with the Internetwork Expert Class on Demand material with the switching segment. With my Dynamips Mac Mini setup to the real switches running smooth I am hoping to work with WorkBook I as I work through the COD’s themselves. I have a Cisco doc dvd yearly subscription at work so this will help as well. This is where my studying and lab time will become methodical. I need to get everything to sink in and stick with me. With Cisco bumping up the lab fee to $1400 per attempt along with the six month wait time for a open lab slot this makes the first attempt become ever more important.

Here is the way I am looking to tackle this:

This came from Ethan Bank’s blog site. I have been looking for a path to take once the written was finished and I believe this will be the one.

“Here are my 10 CCIE R&S commandments for those taking the same path…..1. Internetwork Expert Class on Demand, view all 80 hours and take extensive notes2. Read through entire DOCCD relevant to R&S, and take extensive notes

3. Internetwork Expert Workbook – 30 Labs – go over anything you got wrong or did not understand (I am planning on starting with Lab Workbook I as well which breaks labs down to the topic level – Sunpenguin)

4. Internetwork Expert Core Lab Workbook (this was really good…. get it)

5. Internetwork Expert Advanced Technologies (just read through)

6. Internetwork Expert Class on Demand – second viewing, and take extensive notes (you will be surprised what you missed)

7. 2x Internetwork Expert Mock Labs 1 month before your Lab date (if you get 80% or over on both, you are ready)

-I have credit for four graded mock exams so hopefully I won’t need all four and will have some credit with IE at the end. Sunpenguin

8 Cisco’s online Evaluation Lab (this is also good for feedback)9. Take the real thing10. If you fail, never give up, because… if it was easy, it would be worthless……Andrew Radford
CCIE # 16499