Alexandre from groupstudy has posted a MPLS tutorial up on his site. He is looking for overall comments. If you want to check it out I have his site added to the CCIE Blog’s list.

I have been reading a post on Group Study from Scott on hooking up his Dynamips to real switches from his IMAC Mini. After reading his posts on this I thought I would try this out. I grabbed my 3550 in the basement and hooked it up to my Dynamips session in windows. I have two nics in my machine and connected the free one to the 3550 I got the network card information from the “network device” bat file and set the “fa 0/0 port =” to that nic information on my Dynamips config. I started up R1 and did a “no shut” on int fa0/0 and a minute later I was seeing the CDP information from the real switch. The possibility of being able to do all these labs without having to rewire, run 9 routers with backbones is very exciting. All I need now is two usb hubs and some usb ethernet converters to get this really running to test out with four switches.