Well I got through half of the lab tonight I got a slow start tonight as our main database at work came to a screeching halt after chewing up massive amounts of drive space. After we got that working I was pretty flustered, but able to get started.

One valuable lesson I learned tonight after doing my first rack time: always power cycle the rack when first getting access to it. I didn’t do this and was stuck on a configuration for ether channel until I realized there was some rogue commands running. I power cycled the rack and redid my configurations and the ether channel finally came up.

I was on Rack 12 over at IE, but some of the lab scenarios in the workbook didn’t match their hardware. Switch1 wasn’t connected to Router6 as in the workbook so I had to move past some routing on a stick and so forth.

Working on some ether channel configurations though really helped in understanding the material better.

Hopefully I can complete the switching lab and move on to the rest with Dynamips.

Well I got through all my readings, but a lot of the new material such as Multicast and QOS is still very fuzzy. I am going to start going through IE’s lab book I tonight starting with switch material. Internetwork’s lab book I is broken down by subjects. This way you can concentrate of each section while you go through the configurations. I am thinking I really need to go through some hands on with the QOS and Multicast to really get a good grasp of it before taking the written. No reason not to build the solid foundation now.

Well I did have rack time over at netlabrentals.com but received this email from them yesterday.

Thank you for your recent purchase. Unfortunately, NetLab Rentals will no longer be accepting new reservations. We are in the midst of liquidating our assets. You will receive a refund of your entire purchase within the next 5 business days!
We have appreciated your business, and wish you luck in your future studies!

NetLab Rentals

It is too bad because they were cheap. Only needing to rent some rack time for Lab 1 I just decided to rent some time tonight from Internetwork Expert themselves. The first lab is all switching and since my physical lab is not fully setup I just need some rack time for this first lab. I can do the remainder of the labs off of Dynamips. Hopefully I will post some positive results tomorrow.