Well without my lab running as of yet, and not wanting to configure anything else with Dynamips I stopped reading Odom’s guide for right now. I am finding it hard to follow the BGP section since I have only configured it once for multi-homing two internet connections. At my current job I put in a device from FatPipeInc that does the internet multi-homing for us so I didn’t get to do any BGP for that even. I would like to be able to read Odom’s guide and fire up the examples on my equipment here with me but until I get that memory for the 3640’s they are DOA.

I pulled out my Written guide by Brad Ellis from CCbootcamp and started reading over the sections in there. They are a bit light, but the guide is written to get the topics into your head. The guide is not the updated one since I really did not feel like dropping another $79 for the new version when this one cost me $99 only in April. Plus I just plan on using the guide for BGP and QOS.

If I find myself still having trouble nailing some of the stuff down I will fire up the Internetwork Expert COD’s for these two topics. I want to have read through the material a few times so I am not lost during the COD material though.

This came from Ethan Bank’s blog site, and since it has to deal with Internetwork Expert I felt this would fit. I have been looking for a path to take once the written was finished and I believe this will be the one.

“Here are my 10 CCIE R&S commandments for those taking the same path…..

1. Internetwork Expert Class on Demand, view all 80 hours and take extensive notes

2. Read through entire DOCCD relevant to R&S, and take extensive notes

3. Internetwork Expert Workbook – 30 Labs – go over anything you got wrong or did not understand (I am planning on starting with Lab Workbook I as well which breaks labs down to the topic level – Sunpenguin)

4. Internetwork Expert Core Lab Workbook (this was really good…. get it)

5. Internetwork Expert Advanced Technologies (just read through)

6. Internetwork Expert Class on Demand – second viewing, and take extensive notes (you will be surprised what you missed)

7. 2x Internetwork Expert Mock Labs 1 month before your Lab date (if you get 80% or over on both, you are ready)

-I have credit for four graded mock exams so hopefully I won’t need all four and will have some credit with IE at the end. Sunpenguin

8 Cisco’s online Evaluation Lab (this is also good for feedback)

9. Take the real thing

10. If you fail, never give up, because… if it was easy, it would be worthless……

Andrew Radford
CCIE # 16499