The IOS moved over fine, reset and still does the same thing. Looks like the IOS did move over correctly the first time. The router fully loads the image and just resets over and over right after the image is loaded. I pulled the modules out and still the same deal. I am loading up a new image right now that is just Enterprise Plus to see if anything changes. Not sure why there would be an issue I am running the exact hardware as Internetwork Expert. Oh well it is a learning process anyhow.


Well the second Enterprise image started to boot up and gave me a memory error. I thought “excellent at least an error message this time!” So I do a meminfo in rommon and see 64 megs. Hmm 64, they were supposed to ship with 128 from the reseller. Turns out they only shipped the routers out with 64 megs instead of 128. I didn’t even think of checking when I first booted them up. They never shipped them out before with less than what we ordered. Guess I will be checking their orders in more detail from here on out.

In the end I tossed in the memory from the second router and sure enough the image comes up fine.