So I still can’t get all 4 of my speakers to run in Vista. I have done everything to get sound to come out of the 2 back speakers. I even dropped headphones into the out jack and still nothing. Loaded up the newest sound drivers still nothing. I honestly hate Vista. Glad it came from Technet from work!

So I decide to boot back into Ubuntu. I fire up Alsamixer enable surround and up the volume. Sure enough I have 4 way sound now. I honestly don’t have much reason to boot back into Vista anymore once I configure the Ciso VPN client. I love that native linux drivers run better than any of the Vista drivers I have tried.

So earlier today I needed to get the correct image over to one of the 3640 Routers. First image I grabbed from Cisco was the latest 12.4(16).xxx. Well Solarwinds kept barking that the file size was too big for the TFTP protocol. Seems to be a file limitation they are increasing in the next version. So I figure no big deal I will just load up the 12.4(10)a that IE is running. Turns out the TFTP transmission died halfway through. Now I am left with a bad IOS on flash. The painful process comes into play with transferring the image over Xmodem through Rom and the console. I was hoping to run “tftpdnld” like I can on the 3560 switches :). No luck though. Even with configuring the baud to 115 I am still looking at a 2.5 hour upload. At least I am not stuck at 9600 baud I guess.

For those curious of the exact instructions can find them here:
Xmodem Console Download Procedure Using ROMmon