I am not sure about everyone else but I have never been a big fan of written tests. There is something about reading and trying to memorize things that seems to make me angry :). I have always been a person that likes learning from doing. Honestly I can’t wait till the written is over and I can hammer away hands on all day and night. Who can honestly read a 1000 page book and remember what they read on page 50 when they get to page 600? Doesn’t the brain register only 20% of what you ready anyhow?

Pursuits page has a great write up of our blogs. I would advise anyone here to check out the CCIE Blog links I have set up. These guys are on top of their games and have great information for you to go through. Their posts are entertaining and informing at the same time. Don’t miss them.

A few people have asked me about my domain name. I honestly can not take full credit for it. Back in 2000Â in my old job we ran all our websites from a Sun E250 Solaris server. At that time I split my day administering the Sun stuff and the other half the Linux stuff. A great Network Engineer that consulted for us at the time said you should name your new domain Sunpenguin. You know for Sun and the penguin being Linux. Since that time I have been running Sunpenguin from a Sun Netra box from my basement, to Linux boxes, and to its home now. I do miss the Solaris stuff though.

Offical Exam Certifcation Guide Cisco Press: $43.95 Bookpool

Routing TCP/IP Volume I Doyle: $46.75 Bookpool

Internetwork Experts End to End CCIE Self Study Program: $2995

Add on to end to end program of new editions of lab breakdowns: $250

Add on to end to end program of five day boot camp cod: $499

Netmaster Class Practice Test: $99

Mac Mini with maxed out memory: $812

Trendnet USB Ethernerts (12): $233

Narbik’s 5 day camp: $2000

Add that up and you get a nice $6978.70…

I have to thank my wonderful wife for all of her support though.

This is the current makeup of the equipment I have at hand at work for my lab:

2 – 3640, IOS 12.4(10,) Enterprise/FW/IDS/Plus IPSec 3DES, 1 Fast Ethernet 2 Serial, 128/32

1 – 3640, IOS 12.4(10,) Advanced Enterprise Services, 1 Fast Ethernet 2 Serial, 128/32

3 – 3640, IOS 12.4(10,) Need to load the proper images, No modules installed yet, 128/32 (One of these will actually get 2 4-port serial modules to use as the frame relay switch.)

1 – 2620XM, IOS 12.4(10,) Advanced Enterprise Services, 1 Fast Ethernet 2 Serial, 128/32

1 – 3560 switch EMI

1 – 3550 switch EMI

I am actually not doing that bad with getting the lab together with what spare older equipment we have here. The other 3560 and 3550 switches will be actually the easy part since we need those as spares in house anyways. We had some older 2950 switches I just sent to a used Cisco reseller today for trade in so we should be able to get the rest of the modules.

The best part of this whole lab is we will actually have a network staging area for anything we want to test out before going live on the network. Up to this point we haven’t really had anything and changes were done live. In a 24/7 health care facility this will cause a lot of stress.

If it wasn’t for what we had here at work I would be booking weeks worth a rack time months in advanced along with Dynamips. This actually isn’t a bad idea at all. Up untill I took inventory at work that was my plan to begin with.


…never read a Cisco Press book while laying down. I did make it through RIPv2 but never made it far into EIGRP.