I just wanted to get the Blog up and running. I will keep adding more links as I go daily with my update posts. I will try to post links to the material and companies I use first because I really don’t use many of them where I can comment on them. Rack rentals have been non-existent up to this point for me as well.

…will probably need to be polished up a little bit. Good thing my wife is a school teacher :) .

Internetwork Experts CCIE End to End Self Study Program:

I love their material. The Class on Demand stuff is great after reading a chapter in the exam guide to break it down even more. I run this with Dynamips in the backgroup along with IE’s 4.x dynamips config file to hammer away as they go over everything.

CCIE Routing and Switching Offical Exam Certification Guide:

Good book, but does not cover everything you will need to know for the test itself. A little dry as most of Cisco Press books are.

Routing TCP/IP, Volume 1 (2nd Edition) – Jeff Doyle:

The first testament to the R&S Bible IMO.


Excellent program, wish I had known about it ealier. I had a hard time with ‘idlepc’ working under Windows Vista. No matter what I did I always had a rogue router running away with the CPU. So I added another hard drive to the machine and loaded up Ubuntu 7.04. Once I had everything installed I fired up IE’s dynamips config, set my routers idle time and CPU load dropped to 2%. Needless to say I work with Dynamips in Linux everytime.

Physical Equipment:

What is great with my current job is we have a MPLS network for our main network and a 512k Frame Relay network as backup. I get a lot a exposure to everything with this setup. We always use the 3560 switches in two of our facilities so we always have two of those on spare. We have a bunch of 3640’s here as well. I am just trying to round out our spare equipment to match up with IE’s topology.

Ah finally I have my Blog up and running. I have run into other CCIE Blogs and really thought they were a great idea to stay motivated and to share information.

I am starting a bit late into my studies for the CCIE R&S written, but none the less I passed the boring parts of my studies I think.

In the next few days I will hopefully be able to add a little more on what I am using for equipment and study materials.