He did some switching work to verify that STP was indeed causing the green to orange lights on the switchport read outs. Interesting characteristic that we were only seeing on the 3560’s and not the 3550’s.

I probably won’t get too much studying in until Sunday. I have been going through the practice tests and lab book I from IE. The material is all starting to fall into place. Hopefully the written is on the horizon.

Check out Amp’s quest for CCIE when you get a chance!

   I didn’t get much studying in over the weekend. We had the “Thunder over Niagara” air show going on at the Air Force base about a half mile away. Something about F15’s and F18’s flying directly over your house and shaking it got me excited I guess :).

So I still can’t get all 4 of my speakers to run in Vista. I have done everything to get sound to come out of the 2 back speakers. I even dropped headphones into the out jack and still nothing. Loaded up the newest sound drivers still nothing. I honestly hate Vista. Glad it came from Technet from work!

So I decide to boot back into Ubuntu. I fire up Alsamixer enable surround and up the volume. Sure enough I have 4 way sound now. I honestly don’t have much reason to boot back into Vista anymore once I configure the Ciso VPN client. I love that native linux drivers run better than any of the Vista drivers I have tried.

Pursuits page has a great write up of our blogs. I would advise anyone here to check out the CCIE Blog links I have set up. These guys are on top of their games and have great information for you to go through. Their posts are entertaining and informing at the same time. Don’t miss them.

A few people have asked me about my domain name. I honestly can not take full credit for it. Back in 2000Â in my old job we ran all our websites from a Sun E250 Solaris server. At that time I split my day administering the Sun stuff and the other half the Linux stuff. A great Network Engineer that consulted for us at the time said you should name your new domain Sunpenguin. You know for Sun and the penguin being Linux. Since that time I have been running Sunpenguin from a Sun Netra box from my basement, to Linux boxes, and to its home now. I do miss the Solaris stuff though.

I just wanted to get the Blog up and running. I will keep adding more links as I go daily with my update posts. I will try to post links to the material and companies I use first because I really don’t use many of them where I can comment on them. Rack rentals have been non-existent up to this point for me as well.

…will probably need to be polished up a little bit. Good thing my wife is a school teacher :) .

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