I forgot to post this last week, but the wife and I found out we will be having a boy this coming August. Now honestly I have being dealing with nothing but Barbie’s, Disney Princesses, pink, frilly, frizzy, Hannah Montana, and everything else nice with my eight year old daughter. Needless to say it was a very big shot in the arm when I found out it was going to be a boy. I already went out and got him some Michigan U wear for his first couple months when he can sit and watch college football with me. Don’t get me wrong I love my daughter very much and what she brings to my life, but she never took to football, hockey, boy toys, and everything else I tried to get her to play with…

I told the wife we could get some headphones to lay on her stomach and play some CCIE audio training for him to listen to and all that got me was something heavy thrown my way. I am wondering if she will let me read him the sports section of the newspaper every night going forward…

Part II to his excellent video!

“In Part 2 of the GRE/IPSec tutorial series, you will learn how to encrypt the GRE tunnels you built in Part 1. Although I only show you how to create a hub and spoke topology, it is also possible to create a fully meshed topology or even a partial mesh. I highly recommend creating GRE tunnels from the branch to every datacenter in your organization…”

Full article here

As with Ethan I left groupstudy’s ccielab mailing list today. I couldn’t take all the noise either anymore. The constant posts on whether CCIE is worth it anymore, the posts on “I passed my CCIE lab with only two months of studying…” (hmmm wonder what practice labs were used in those two months,) just are getting too old. I met some great people on that list so it isn’t a total wash. Himawan’s post on his update to obtaining your CCIE turned into another CCIE vs the world argument. Seriously if you are looking to obtain your CCIE to become rich and famous you will be very disappointed. The CCIE is not a panacea for anyone’s career. I choose to do it because it is the top certification in the industry and to learn as much as I can, not to get my number and try to go out and get a six figure job the next day…

We only had about four inches of snow today, but the blizzard portion of the storm is barreling toward us here. We should have the full blown blizzard conditions late tomorrow afternoon until early Sunday am. Say what you want about Buffalo’s weather, but I will gladly take these snow storms over other weather systems that hit the other parts of the country. The worst thing that happens tomorrow is we sit in the house for thirty-six straight hours. I guess this is why August is the most popular birth month around here. What else is there to do during a snow storm that keeps you in the house for a few days ;).

…given me a thumbs up on StumbleUpon. The traffic to the site has increased tremendously within the last week due to the NetworkWorld article and the StumbleUpon hits. Thanks again!

If you’re studying for Cisco exams and just about to tear your hair out, don’t fret, there are many others in the same position, and many of them are writing up their experiences in their blogs and passing along hints and tips. Even if you’re a CCIE pro, there’s always room for personal improvement and expansion. With that in mind we’ve scoured the Web to bring you our top 20 most useful Web resources for Cisco networking professionals. Of course, we don’t want you to forget the resources and blogs of Cisco Subnet and our own bloggers, so we’ll give a recap of our own Cisco resources and bloggers at the end of our top 20 list. Compiled by Jim Duffy and Linda Leung

CCIE Pursuit is also listed on here, even though I am a few pages higher up than he is, we won’t mention that 😉

If you have come here from the NetworkWorld link please check out CCIE Candidate Somehow they missed Ethan’s site when compiling the list. He has one of the most informative sites you will read on obtaining your CCIE.

What did New England run out of tape for the Giants morning practice ?

Prerequisites for CCDE

There are no formal prerequisites for CCDE certification. Other professional certifications or training courses are not required.

Recommended Training and Experience

It is expected that the candidate will have an in-depth understanding of the topics in the exam blueprints, a minimum of seven years job experience, and a thorough understanding of networking infrastructure principles. Please view the written exam information page for more details.

Step One: CCDE Written Exam

You must pass the two-hour, written qualification exam which covers advanced networking infrastructure design principles and concepts. Once you pass the qualification exam, you are them eligible to schedule the practical exam.

Written Exam Information

Written exams are scheduled and taken at Pearson Vue, Cisco’s authorized testing vendor. Please visit the link below for more details and to schedule exams. Be sure to use the same candidate ID number for every exam that you take. If you use a different ID number, you will create a different record in the CCIE database and you will need to contact CCIE support for help in merging the records.

Schedule and Pay for Written Exam

Step Two: CCDE Practical Exam

The CCDE practical exam is still in development, however it will be an eight-hour exam that will test your ability to identify, manage, and create advanced solutions for large scale networks. You must pass the lab within three years of passing the written exam in order to achieve certification.

Book list

Just getting a quick start on the holiday today. I am at work right now but hopefully the festivities will be starting later this evening. Stay safe everyone!

I love this program. I have been using the trial on and off for a long time, but recently purchased it for work. The fact that it will back up the running configs automatically at night for me alone is worth it. The part I like the most is that when it senses a change in the running config it will copy the old running config into a separate folder and backup the new config. Then it will email me when it has finished and include a zip file with all the changes per config lined up side by side so I can see exactly what has been changed. This is a great feature just in case you had a rogue admin go around and make changes you didn’t approve of. You just simply open up the HTML change file for Router A and you will see the highlighted changes between the old and new running config.

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