I posted a link for part I and here is the link for part II on his site incase you haven’t been there to read it yet.

This is part two of my gns3 switching tutorial series. In part 1, you learned how to use a 16 port network module (NM-16ESW) to simulate many features of a Cisco switch. In this tutorial, you will learn how to configure vlans on the switch and how to route between vlans with a ‘router on a stick’ configuration.


Jacob was born at 5:30 pm EST yesterday after a few hours of pushing by his mother. She did an excellent job! He was face up to start and that took a ton of pushing on her side to get him to roll over. He came in at 8 pounds, 4 ounces. This one will be short, I need to head back up to the hospital.

If anyone remembers my original post on our HSRP setup I wasn’t able to fully test it at that time. Well last night the routing in our MPLS provider’s cloud seemed to take a little bit of a tumble for one of our facilities. The tunnel interface went right down and the routing went over to the frame relay backup network. It is nice not to get a call at 1:30am 🙂

I did have a post to go with this, but I wasn’t feeling it so just decided to keep the quote because it fits this whole mess of a certification 😉

Internetwork Expert has opened a new forum/community that replaces their current forums. You can never get enough online community options.

In order to provide the best possible service to our customers, and to the CCIE community as a whole, we have implemented a new combination web forum / mailing list server as a free service. Internetwork Expert’s Online Community (http://www.IEOC.com) officially replaces our previous Discussion Forum as a place where you can discuss both general CCIE topics for all tracks as well as Internetwork Expert specific products.

IEOC allows you to create new posts and reply to other posts like a normal web forum, but you can also read and submit posts via email! For example if you email ccie-rs@ieoc.com your message will be sent our to all users subscribed to the email feed, plus posted on the web forum as viewable and searchable content. Personally this is my favorite feature of the new server, as I dread checking web forums daily, but I am completely obsessed with checking my email every five minutes.

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I always lose my bookmark for this command and have to search around for it so thought I would toss it up on the blog.

If you want to upgrade your switch IOS and use the http device manager and don’t already use it you need to upgrade your current version from the command line using:

archive download-sw tftp://tftp_server_ip/image_file_name

There are two options you can use:

/leave-old-sw leaves the current version there incase you need to downgrade or have issues

/overwrite to overwrite your current verison

If you are upgrading from a normal .bin image you will have to erase that image file from flash or you will not have enough space.

Once you have the device manager running you can always upgrade it right through the site itself.

He writes a great blog and is moving on to his CCNP. Send him a congrats if you get a chance!

CCNA pass post

I know it drives me nuts when I am asked multiple times if I want to delete vlan.dat, reload, and so forth. Blindhog has a video up to help your sanity with this.

“Do you get annoyed by Operating systems asking you if you are sure you want to perform an action 10 times before it will actually do what you want?

If so, you probably also get annoyed when your router gives you the old “Destination filename [startup-config]?” after you issue the “copy run start” command. Using the ‘file prompt quiet’ command will keep your router quiet…”

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Should be interesting…

“You thought the SCOTT MORRIS story was HUGE……wait until Monday!….Stay Tuned for industry-changing news!”

Network World and the authors have decided to remove this blog post and the discussion that followed. While the original post was intended to highlight how the issue of braindumps is a pervasive one, we regret having singled out anyone in particular and apologize for any accusations of cheating.”

Glad to see the correct thing done. Hopefully now the return on Ethan’s blog will follow!


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