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Status Update 06.24.2014

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I was planning on taking the CCNA voice exam, but the cost of the exam made me decide against it. It just seemed like a cost that wasn’t really necessary. I am moving forward with the CCNP voice exams though. I am hoping to take the cvoice exam within the next couple of weeks. Anyone have an opinion on the CCNP voice exams? My thinking was at least they would give me the professional level certification as I prepped for the CCIE written, and lab. The cost will be high though…

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” -Walt Disney

Well, I have been prepping for the CCNA Voice the last four weeks, and was feeling pretty good about how far I have come. Now though, that plan is going to be put on a hold for a little bit. Due to big things coming down the pipe at work, I am going to have to start some Nexus, and data center training. That is going to have to be my path for the foreseeable future which I am very excited about. I started training and preparing for the data center written late last year, only to quit because I felt that without real day-to-day, hands-on experience, I would only become a paper tech. But now, the real hands-on, day-to-day work is coming, whether I am prepared, or not. I would rather be prepared. 🙂 So this will be my new path going forward, from here on out. I will continue on with all my INE data center material, and hopefully get the written done well before summer goes full tilt here in Western New York.

To all my friends out there, I have one word for you…. “Squirrel!”

The only thing I would say to anyone who will take the new version is don’t fear any change, or addition to the updated version of the lab. When version 4 was announced there was so much fear over the troubleshooting section, and MPLS being added. Change brings fear, unnecessary fear. I ended up failing version 3 of the lab two weeks before version 4 came out. I wasn’t ready for it. So I took two more years before making another attempt (to be fair we had another child between attempts…) Then I passed version 4 on my first attempt. Simply because I was ready to take it. INE, Narbik, and IPexpert will have their material updated to get you through the new version. Study hard, and run with it…

Yea I know there is not much here, but I don’t want to give my long drawn out opinion on a version of the lab I will never have to take. I don’t think it is fair to anyone reading this that will take the new version 🙂 I would strongly pay attention to what the trainers have to say though.

I would miss Frame Relay and all those easy points that come with it 🙁

The announcement for the R&S CCIE v5 update should be coming soon (November timeframe) and the switch over for the lab sometime around March 2014. Cisco Live Europe has a R&S v5 Technical Breakout scheduled for anyone attending. The update to version 5 appears to be a 100% virtual lab environment similar to how the troubleshooting section of the lab is done now. The major benefit of the lab going virtual is that the topics covered will be platform independent. You will not need to buy 2911?s or 3750x’s to prepare and can use any relatively newer router or switch to prepare or use a virtualized environment (IOL/IOU/VIRL, GNS3, CSR). The goal of the v5 appears to be to focus on the technologies themselves and less on the hardware and a specific topology. This is the best move Cisco has made for the R&S CCIE program in years as candidates will need to focus more on the technologies themselves and not worry about IOS versions, hardware platforms, physical topologies, etc.

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If you are prepping for the lab this is something I am sure you are going to want to catch.

Starting tomorrow, September 24th 2013 at 10:00 PDT (17:00 GMT), I will begin the running the new CCIE Security Advanced Technologies Class for the newest version 4.0 blueprint. Online streaming of tomorrow’s class is free for anyone to attend. Simply login to and then browse to the streaming url of A link to the streaming page is also located in the members dashboard.

Tomorrow’s class will start with an introduction about the scope of the CCIE Security v4 blueprint, including the hardware and software versions, as well as the specific technologies within the scope, and then will continue with the technical topics of IOS Firewall, including stateless ACL filtering and stateful filtering with both CBAC and ZBPF.


I am sure most people have heard about Cisco’s decision to retire the CCIE Voice, and move forward with the CCIE Collaboration. Here is a good read on it from UCGuerrilla over on his site.

May 29, 2013 marks the day that Cisco announced the new CCIE Collaboration track. For many existing voice CCIEs, this was a welcome change to the blue print as it lined up with what we really do. We were excited about the blue print change and then we read the catch:


Cisco Live Orlando

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Looking forward to heading back to Cisco Live this year. Haven’t been back since I was there last in 2009. Something always seemed to come up the last few years to keep me away. I am excited to be attending this year since it is in Orlando. Not sure how I am going to feel about that Orlando weather though. Got a couple of Don Slice’s EIGRP sessions scheduled. If you use EIGRP in your enterprise network, or prepping for the R&S lab they are very informative.

INE is giving away a Harley this year at their Cisco Live party!

I would like to thank the over 600 people who RSVP’d for INE’s 2013 Party at the Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando during Cisco Live. Registration is closed as of today for our party but I wanted to be the first to let everyone know about the grand prize giveaway we are doing. On top of the standard giveaway prizes (iPads, MacBook Airs, AAP Memberships, Bootcamps, etc) we are giving away a Harley Davidson 2013 XL 1200X Forty-Eight to a lucky winner during our party.

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New over at INE’s Blog:

As everyone knows INE has made INC 5000?s list of fastest growing educational companies for two years running and we’re having our best year ever by roughly 30% over our 2011 numbers. With this growth INE is once again expanding. Starting mid-January 2013 INE will have a new office in RTP, NC. The office in RTP will be for sales and support so that means sales will be available starting from 6am EST (-5 GMT) in January. We’re also doubling the size of our datacenter in Reno, NV in January. We’ve signed the lease on the building next to our current Reno datacenter and are close to finalizing the RTP sales/support location. We’re looking for a mid-level rack support engineer for the RTP office location and for Reno. Hours would be from 6am to 2pm Monday through Friday for RTP and 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday for Reno. For the Reno location I’m willing to relocate the right candidate and their family within the US. These will be fulltime permanent positions.

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